Instart Logic Platform APIs

The Instart Logic Platform APIs are RESTful APIs that allow you to interact with our endpoint-aware application delivery service. They allow you to do anything you can do with our customer portal web interface and more. Requests can be sent and responses received via any standard method in most common programming languages, with your favorite REST client, or from the command line using cURL.

The API base URL is<your unique customer name>/v1/

where you would of course use your own unique customer name instead of the placeholder.

In general use of the APIs you can bypass using the Session API directly and just send your credentials in the Authorization field to establish a session. Use a string consisting of the word "Basic" followed by your username and password and Base64-encoded like this example:

Authorization: Basic Zm9vOmJhcg==

If anything does not work as expected or you have any questions, please contact us via our Customer Central support site.

Please visit our DevCentral community site where you can join the conversation and interact with other Instart Logic users.

The following is a brief description of each API:

API Description
Account Management allows you to manage your account, users, and billing options and to create, list, update and delete properties. A property represents a group of closely-related web resources for a customer.
Session Management allows you to create, update and delete authenticated sessions. A session can be used as a cookie value to authenticate to future requests.
Configuration Management allows you to create, update, and delete property configurations. A property configuration defines the details of how the service controls the handling of your web traffic through our service.
The Property Config Schema Reference defines all the fields used in configurations.
The Property Configuration Guide provides details on configuration structure and how to configure service features, etc.
Cache Management allows you to purge all or part of your cache on our service.
Stats Reporting allows you to retrieve aggregated access log statistics from your web traffic from our data platform.
The Stats API Guide provides details and examples on how to construct stats queries.
Activity Reporting allows you to retrieve information about tasks – long running operations – for example, when you issue a purge request, the API creates a task object for it.
WAF (Web Application Firewall) allows you to retrieve WAF events – information about requests that triggered a WAF rule.

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